Twitter Reaction

On every page of this website, you can find an updatable tab on the right side of the screen that shows you what people are saying about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at this exact moment using “#VSFashionShow”.  But I wanted to include posts that I found that are real people not just the models or Victoria’s Secrets account tweeting. Below are images I got straight from Twitter that are people reacting to the show:

BuzzFeed Reaction Articles

After the Victorias Secret Fashion Shows many people will write about their feelings towards the show as well as the store/company as a whole. I believe that showing these articles will display the feelings the world has about Victorias Secret.

Snapshot Analysis

Snapshot Analysis

I chose a picture from the 2016 victoria’s secret fashion show. The show happened in Paris, France and was viewed by 6.67 million people all over the world. The models that get to walk the runway hail from a long list of countries that include the U.S., Brazil, Sweden, the U.K., France, the Netherlands, and even Portugal. All of these countries are represented on the runway, but this snapshot of the finale of the show doesn’t show that diversity.

In the image we see thirteen women in different pieces of lingerie or sleepwear. The crowd behind them is in full cheer indicating that the show was a success. The crowd loved it. Each girl has a slightly different expression, but they all seem to be faces of excitement and joy. The differences in the themes of the girl’s lingerie indicate which part of the show their last look was a part of. Even though each piece of lingerie is different the bodies of the girls are all weirdly similar. Tall, skinny, and beautiful are words that people would use to describe them. Their hair is all the same, blown out with big loose waves. Even though these girls are from all different countries with different cultures they are all made up to look almost uniform with makeup and hairstyle. Skinny legs that look a mile long, tight tummies, and perky but not too large breasts these body types are unattainable for most people. Also, only blonde and a range of brunettes are present in the photo. No redheads or black haired girls are present, again showing an idealized version of women. The skin color of the thirteen girls varies mostly between pale and tan, all variations of a white woman. There are tow girls who could possibly be of a different ethnicity out of the thirteen. Even then, those two girls are fairly light skinned with the same hairstyle and body type of the other models. This shows that Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has not embarrassed the idea of diversity. Other fashion shows and even online shopping has begun to show fuller bodied models. Victoria’s Secret has a reputation of its models being sexy and the most ideal of woman to show off their merchandise. This speaks to what the industry feels is an ideal body to wear and sell lingerie. Another part of their choice for the ideal body may not be just for females to idealize but for men to fantasize about.